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hi there! Jenny again.

I think it’s beyond amazing that you’ve made your way to me! I want to help you feel good on this journey to find a photographer.

So, here’s the thing about me. I do not want to be just a vender. Full stop. Hold up. I want to be your friend. I’m going to care deeply and invest wholly in your moment.

Sound good? Sweet! Keep going.

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 SInce we are friends

Let me tell you some more about me! I love cold, creamy coffee only 3rd to my beautiful partner, Annelise, and my very rad son, Ember. Yes, I get that loving coffee is basic, but it's freaking true! Also, my son's full name is September- so, not basic. I am originally from a little(ish) town in Central Florida. My family, including 2 younger brothers and 3 nieces still live there! I went to college in West Palm Beach, Florida, and honestly thought going to school a mile from the beach was a DREAM. I skipped way too much class my freshman year, but still graduated with a Psychology degree.

I left college and moved straight to Texas where I spent almost 9 years working in College Administration. I even got a Masters Degree in Higher Education! A little while ago Annelise and I moved back to Florida and FELL IN LOVE with Jacksonville. We are right on the edge of the rest of the U.S. but living that Florida beach life. Annelise is a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern and Ember is going into Kindergarten! I spend my days as a full-time photographer, and I feel like I am living a magical and wonderful dream. I cry, laugh hard, and feel so honored to be at every single celebration with you.

What I love

Here are some things I love in life and things I’m drawn to in you!

Let’s start, again, at the most basic. I love Harry Potter!! I was a teenager when you actually lined up for the one midnight showing… that was actually at midnight! I did this for HP, Twilight, and Spiderman 3… that one is regrettable. I have read the last HP book 5 times and can hardly talk about how the movie ruined everything!! My default Pandora station is James Arthur. If you haven’t tried it, you’re welcome. I have a playlist on my phone with usually around 5-10 songs that I listen to over and over and over again! Some songs have been there years. It’s a little sad but mostly endearing, right?! I drink one cup of hot coffee every single morning when I first wake up and then ONLY drink cold, creamy goodness as much as I possibly can until 3pm when I promptly cut myself off.

When I think about Weddings, I am most drawn to you. Hands down. I love your story, your uniqueness/awkwardness/quirks/complete beauty.

Hiring a photographer is so personal. I don’t think people realize how much time I am going to spend with you!! Apart from us being besties, here are some other things I love.

  • Nature and Water

  • Investment in FLORALS

  • Neon Signs

  • Leather Jackets

  • Bowties/Unconventional Suits

  • Colored Wedding Dresses

  • Orange Groves

  • Unique Architecture

  • Moody and Romantic Vibes

  • BOHO Goodness

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