Alpine Groves Park Family Session | Jacksonville, Florida | Nieschalk Family

Sarah, Jo, and Harlow are the MOST precious family. First of all, I have a neice named Harlow. So, even though she didn’t know it, we were meant to be friends.

And let me just say, she definitely did not know it. Harlow was NOT about taking pictures y’all. I think this might actually be what I love about family sessions. The kids almost never want to be there! Why do I love that? It’s a challenge! Luckily, Sarah and Jo are geniuses. They brought a bag of candy for Harlow and made me the candy distributor. Candy = Friends.

Sometimes parents feel nervous about their kids behavior at pictures, and if you’re reading this and wondering about that, let me put you at ease! I do not have an expectation that your children will be perfectly happy smiling for a random person. I mean, it’s probably good that they are NOT used to that, right?

Kids need whole minute, and if we are honest, so do we all. I like taking my time. It gives everyone a chance to warm up. In the end, the real you is captured.

OK, so fast forward 20ish minutes and we are GOLDEN. Harlow and I are BFFS, Jo and Sarah are relaxed, and picture magic happens. Originally Jo reached out because every year she and Sarah take Anniversary pictures and recreate a picture from their Wedding. Umm, have you read how I feel about Anniversary Sessions?! Heck Yes.

You’ll notice a few of the same “pose” and that is because we wanted to have a lot of options for this re-created moment. I love this idea, and am so happy they print and hang this on the wall each year. My favorite part is the moment when Harlow jumps into the frame. It is symbolic of the relationship they have maintained and yet how much their family has grown. I can’t wait to continue being a part of these friends lives!

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