Bayfront Marin Elopement | St. Augustine, Florida | Brittany & Kyle

This Elopement in St. Augustine was so chill and special all at once! Brittany and Kyle were all about capturing every moment of their day. Since they plan to have a huge party with friends in family, they wanted a way to share their memories with everyone!

Brittany emphasized again and again how real she wanted everything to be, and that is my cup of tea!!

It was really special to be a part of an Elopement with just the couple. I feel like I got to be involved in more ways than I do at a huge wedding. For example, Brittany needed help getting into her wedding dress. So, the videographer and I set down our camera and became friends. Usually, I am capturing mom or sister or best friend helping with the dress and it's a pretty significant moment. So, I think it just felt so authentic and special to their experience that we got to serve them in that way.

The amount of smiles and giggles was unreal!!!! These two are so madly in love. I had my eyes and camera on Kyle and knew the EXACT moment Brittany stepped out to walk down the "aisle". I 100% teared up.

At the end of the night it was real, real dark and we broke out the sparklers. I love that these two were committed to having all the wedding details that they wanted even though they eloped!!

Vender List:

Venue: Bayfront Marin House

Videographer: Ricker Films

Make-up Artist: Kiara Shannelle

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