Big Talbot Island Couples Session | Jacksonville, Florida | Maylon & Collin

More people should do Anniversary Sessions!!! There is so much pressure around looking fabulous on your wedding day, and of course you do! But it’s NOT all down hill from there! Quite the opposite.

Anniversary sessions let you re-tell your story and laugh about how far you’ve come.


I wish I got to do Anniversary Sessions as much as I do Engagement Sessions. They really are different! Instead of talking about what’s to come, we look back at what has happened first. You can see people realize how much they’ve changed and grown together.

Maylon and Collin are special. They were so easy to be around and so comfortable around each other. There was this peacefulness of two people that truly know one another. Plus, holy cow they are gorgeous. In truth, I feel this way about everyone, but Maylon’s kindness and joy created a glow around them both!


There were fun, silly moments and quiet, intimate moments. Exactly representative of their relationship. This session and these friends are truly important to me.

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