Eagle Harbor Wedding | Jacksonville, Florida | Liz & Ben

These two!!!! Let me just tell you about a few things that happened on this day.

There was the sweetest first look.

Liz and Ben wanted to read their vows, which they wrote, to one another in private. This added even more emotion to an already precious first look! This was their private moment. It gave them space to take a breath and say what they really wanted the other person to hear without the pressure an audience.

Then they kissed during the ceremony… before it was actually time.

Umm cutest people ever!!! I don’t blame them. It seemed like the right moment. But it turned out to be preemptive and a great moment for everyone to laugh together. A few minutes later when the officiant actually said the “now kiss” part, it was even sweeter.

They gave me a seat at the table.

These two are so loved. When it was time to eat, they just couldn’t sit still. They put their food down and kept hugging on their peeps. So, of course, I also kept shooting. They both, not knowing the other had done it, turned and said “Jenny, go get food!”. Oh my heart. Then, Ben says, “your seat is at that table right next to my mom.” STOP IT. Guys, I felt so loved and so honored.

This Tiny Wedding had all the elements of a huge affair with their closest friends, family members, and sorority sisters. You can’t forget the sisters!

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