Fleming Town Hall Center Wedding | Fleming Island, Florida | Nachez & Cameron

Nachez and Cameron completely stole my heart!

The day began with the most epic group of family and friends ready to partaaaay. I knew immediately that the day would be easy, fun, and full of laughter. Nachez’s maid of honor was maybe the most peaceful, go-with-the-flow person I have every been around. Y’all get you a maid of honor like that!

I love Nachez’s choice of a pink dress! She had it custom made, and it really fit her personality! How she wore those shoes I have no idea, but they are fabulous and stayed on the entire night!

Once the ceremony begin, I got to witness the most incredible aisle first look!

The officiant was crying, I was crying, the whole dang room was crying. Cameron got emotional before the doors even opened for Nachez and the sincerity moved everyone. He adores her, and it was so undeniable. It was hard to choose which ones to share because every single one I caught of this moment was so perfect.

It felt like basically everyone at this wedding was family! The family picture time took a whole hot second but there was also a ton of laughter. The couples was pretty worn out by the end of it, but I was adamant that we had to get some pictures of just them!

Man, some magic can happen in 5 minutes! This BEAUTIFUL couple finally had a quiet moment to themselves, and they created magic.

After the pictures we danced, smashed cake, cried through toasts, and well, you can see it all below!

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