Guana Reserve Beach Elopement | St. Augustine, Florida | Luiza & Nic

This is the story of a styled shoot turning into the most incredible vow renewal!

My friend and fellow photographer, Colin, organized this day, and I honestly didn’t know much before showing up. A few days before he sent me some information about our couple, Luiza and Nic. I was a little intimidated learning that they are also photographers and freaking talented people!!

Luiza and Nic got ready at Salon Honey + Sage, which is a brand new salon in St. Augustine. That place is heaven!!! It was so fun to basically take the space over. The owner, Kristen, was so kind and literally left us the keys after closing so we could finish taking pictures and waiting out the rain. Nic ate pizza while Luiza got pampered and all of us just talked about our creative lives. Instantly I knew this night was going to be special.

While getting ready, Luiza and Nic told us more of their story. They Eloped and never took any wedding photos. To them, this was their wedding! They had taken the time to write new vows, purchase special attire, and 100% made every minute the real deal.

About 5 minutes in I realized, this is not a styled shoot. This is a real, beautiful couple who are going to cherish these images and this night forever.

I asked Luiza to tell me a little bit more of their story and this is what she said, “Nic and I are both from Brazil but we met here in Jacksonville at UNF. We were both in the same class all semester, but me (Luiza) was too scared to go talk to him and introduce myself. On the last day of class, I was giving a presentation and I mentioned I was from Brazil. All the sudden I hear, “WHAT” in the middle of class. I turned to the crowd and saw him looking at me super confused because he claimed to know ALL the Brazilians in Jacksonville LOL. After class he came to talk to me and we’ve been talking ever since! I actually moved back to Pittsburgh where I lived before here, and we lost touch for a few months. But when I came back, we picked up right where we left off and then we never let go. Since then we moved in together, adopted a puppy named Obi, got married, started our own photo/video business and have been enjoying every minute of living this life together.”

Tears. These two are incredible. OK, remember I mentioned rain? Well, it poured minutes before we needed to start shooting and the result was the most incredible rainbow!!

I tried to capture it in these 9 photos stitched together and still couldn’t get it all!


The rest of the night was bliss. Truly, I think this is the happiest I’ve been as a photographer. Everything just perfectly lined up- wonderful friends, madly in-love couple, freedom to create, and insane florals!! Let’s talk about that a minute.

I am flower biased. Get married in a field but please, please spend money on flowers!!! I’m just so drawn to the beauty in florals, and Kari is insanely talented!! This bouquet was magical. There were freaking limes in it!!! I can not get over that. I was blown away by her work and completely inspired!

When it was time to say their vows, we all cried. It was real. We were quiet, not dictating how it should look, but instead letting it be an honest moment for them. And just like every wedding I capture, I felt so honored to be there.

Thank you, Luiza and Nic, for making this night so special. I’m so happy to know you!

Incredible Venders:

Videography: Colin Goodman

Florals: Floral Designs by Kari

Hair & Makeup: London Banks

Salon: Salon Honey + Sage

Couple: Luiza & Nic of Lunic Visuals

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