In-Home Couples Session | Jacksonville, Florida | Angelica & Scharmy

You know how you can celebrate buying a new home?!? Do an In-Home Couples Session! Best. Idea. Ever. I love that Angelica and Scharmy wanted to celebrate with pictures. Pictures are memories!

Pop the champaign, feed each other grapes, and roll around on the bed. What could be better?!

OK, I was real impressed with how quickly these two had unpacked. I ALWAYS have a room or corner of boxes that I just can not get to! This home was beautiful and already had all the personal touches! I love that in so many of the pictures you can see printed photos from other moments these two have celebrated!!

Also. Can we talk about the huge ass dogs??? Y’all know I am not a pet person. I am so about you including your furry family BUT I do not connect with this part of the human experience. Ya dig? So, when I showed up to two huge barking dogs I had to take a whole second.

Moral of the story, this couple + their dog children = Adorable.

Dogs and Babies are always a good idea, even if it takes me a whole second to warm up! :) These were the sweetest, very large, dogs ever. Once they joined in, there was no going back.

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