In-Home Engagement Session | Jacksonville, Florida | Natalie & Alex

OK, ok, ok, I am in love with Natalie and Alex. This in-home engagement session was so much fun!!

When Natalie originally inquired about their wedding and I learned that she was a professional baker, I about died. In another life I bake cakes all day long and it is wonderful. In Natalie's current life she does this AND she does it for my favorite Jax coffee shop, Bold Bean.

So, a few days before their session it hit me! We have to bake. I pitched the idea and she ran with it!! I had no idea it would be pie but holy cow isn't it gorgeous!! When I told them to go for it with the flour, I didn't imagine Natalie would be so savage! Poor Alex was completely covered and all three of us died laughing.

Right across the street from their a-freaking-dorable home is a park. So, naturally, we skipped over to get a few shots there!

I love all the versatility to their shoot and really feel like we were able to capture the many sides that is Natalie and Alex.

I can not wait for their wedding day!!!! At one point talking about their wedding they stopped and said- we really want you to have fun and feel like one of the guests too! My heart. I just love them and honestly that is the dream.

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