In-Home Engagement Session | St. Augustine, Florida | Colin & Christopher

These friends are so special to me. I met Colin through instagram. He is an incredible wedding photographer in St. Augustine. I immediately contacted him and basically forced him into friendship! There are not many LGBTQ+ wedding venders in our area, and I really desired community with him.

We met in person at the Grand Opening of The Clay Theatre AND I got to meet Christopher. We talked all about their wedding plans and lives. I was shocked to find they didn’t have a photographer yet! I guess if I really think about it, being a photographer makes it pretty hard to choose someone! I admire so, so many styles.

Anywho, we became instant besties and when they reached out to me about their wedding I was completely overjoyed!!!

First of all, to have a photographer you admire so much trust such an important moment to you is unreal. Secondly, can we talk about dream couple?!

As a part of the wedding, I really wanted to do an engagement shoot! Colin is one of those photographers that doesn’t want to be in front of the camera. Yep, I’m calling you out friend! To be fair, I don’t think it’s Christophers favorite thing either, but he was a champion about it.

Since it is so freaking hot right now, we decided to do a little trial in-home shoot! Meaning, full engagements in the glorious outdoors are to come!

In-home shoots are so special to me. Y’all know this. There is just an intimacy, vulnerability, and glorious moodiness that exists when you invite me in. We did venture to a park behind there home for a whole of 5 minutes towards the end! I can’t wait to do another engagement shoot- yes, I’m holding you guys to it!!!- and to capture their wedding!

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