In-Home Newborn Session | Jacksonville, Florida | Baby Mason

These two dads were so in awe and in love with their new son!! I honestly just love Newborn Sessions. There is such an intimacy to new families.

I can so clearly remember those very early days with Ember, and it was so hard!! I have such empathy for new families, and I feel so honored to be welcomed into their home.

I was so impressed with Neil and Rob. They were handling new fatherhood so well! I think because I still struggle with being a mom, I am always in awe of glowing parents. These two had allll the glow! They were in love with one another and madly in love with Mason. He is certainly a lucky baby.

I love doing newborns in-home and seeing were the magic/lack of sleep/coping is happening. Ok, their home was gorgeous and so clean. Like, what is your life. Grandma and Grandpa were visiting. Soooo maybe that had something to do with the cleanliness. Either way, it was so fun to get to capture the whole family!!

My favorite part of this shoot is Mason wrapped up in the pride flag. This was Rob's idea, and I wish I had thought of it myself! It just feels like a even more special way to recognize and celebrate their family.

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