Riverside Park Couples Session | Jacksonville, Florida | DaVina & Shawn

This has been on of my favorite shoots to date! Even though, obviously, I love all my peeps. :)

I met DaVina interviewing for a job! You know those people that you meet and instantly want to be their friend? That is how I felt about DaVina! There is just a kindness and safety about her. Then I met Shawn and holy cow. These are amazing humans!!

I think this time felt special because even though taking pictures is something that makes them a little wary, they were ALL IN. They brought music and drinks and embraced this space with me. I can't ask for anything more.

My goal is to be the third wheel. I want to glimpse real life, real relationship, and they actually let me do that!

I'm excited that Annelise have these friends in our lives. Their marriage is special, and I'm so glad I got to celebrate them!

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