San Juan Del Rio Engagement Session | Jacksonville, Florida | Emily & Nick

I can not wait for this Wedding!!!!

Emily and Nick are getting married at an AirBnB, and it’s going to be the best day because these two are amazing. I freaking fell in love.

I mean, come on. Just look at this gorgeousness.


I love the intimacy of getting married at an AirBnB. Everybody gets to be together more. It’s not one big day of scrambling time. Instead, it’s like an entire weekend party. At least that is how I imagine it, and I’m ready!!

These two have been together forever. They were so at ease around one another. It was honestly peaceful. You know when you spend time with someone and you leave just feeling better about life? That’s them.

We started out at a Catholic Church and then made our way to an incredible park. I love that we were able to embrace so many things… architecture, water, huge trees. Yes. Enjoy scrolling and falling in love!

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