San Marco Preservation Hall Tiny Wedding | Jacksonville, Florida | Mary-Beth & Chris

This Tiny Wedding holds a special place in my heart because MB and Chris are friends Annelise and I are living life with! Mary-Beth actually works with Annelise, which is how they found me. These are our trivia night companions, and while I know almost nothing, Chris knows it all!!!!

Tiny Weddings are special because you still have your people around you, but you’re avoiding a lot of the pressure!

Chris and MB wanted to include a reading theme to their Wedding. I really love their concept! Their friends and family had fun looking through which books they chose, and I think it was a great way to include something more personal.

While a Tiny Wedding means the guest list is small, Mary-Beth has a huge family! All the nieces and nephews added to the playfulness of the day.

They chose to set up tables and chairs rather than a traditional aisle, which meant there was some weaving to make their way to the “alter”. I loved their spirit through the whole afternoon. They were only smile and didn’t worry a minute about something looking different than the norm.

The best part of the day BY FAR was their first look. Knowing Chris, I had a feeling he would cry, and he did not disappoint!

It was so sweet to capture MB walking from the little cottage she used to get ready all the way to meet Chris. I could tell he was nervous, maybe even more than she was. Later they said, “We forgot you were there!”. To me, that’s a perfect first look. They were just focused on one another.

The exited mid-day in the bright, bright sun to bubbles, which of course the nieces and nephews loved!

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