Wedding at the Historic Ball House at Southwood | Tallahassee, Florida | Sierra & Elijah

It’s hard to know where to start because Sierra and Elijah are so incredibly important to me.

These two just exude love- not only to each other, but to everyone around them. I remember asking them during their engagement session how they felt about showing affection in front of the camera, and they responded with a resounding, “heck yes!”. I’ve learned since that it is not only in front of the camera, they just really love one another and are quick to show it!

When I asked Sierra and Elijah what was important to capture during their day, the quiet moments stuck out, like sharing vows intimately before the ceremony.

Here are 10 of my favorite things about this day to remember as you look through their story!

  1. Their community was incredible! They wanted to do a “first look” with the entire bridal party, which I don’t see often!! It’s common for brides/bridesmaids, but I love that they did this as a couple. Best reaction ever from groomsmen!! Go get you some friends that love you like Elijah’s groomsmen love him.

  2. I have never seen another couple SO about what they are wearing! Sierra and Elijah had me dying over the way they doted on one another. Both were so impressed with one another’s outfits! I mean, everyone is wearing something special on their wedding day, but these two noticed every single detail on one another and spent time talking about why it was awesome. Honestly, it was amazing.

  3. I already mentioned they read their vows before the ceremony, but I’m saying it again. These moments are my quietest. I really try to blend and hide. It’s such an honor to glimpse and capture this time.

    You can see they were crying and praying, and the room held a feeling of what was about to happen.

  4. Something happened when it was time to take individual pictures of the guys. I mean, yes. Groomsmen are… more challenging than bridesmaids. Sorry dudes. But these guys just couldn’t stop laughing!! It was so much fun and so easy to get the “act like you love each other” pictures. Finally, I stopped and asked what the heck was happening to which one of the groomsmen let me know Elijah kept whispering phrases from the previous evenings game of Cards Against Humanity. So, there you. New tricks for getting candid photos!

  5. Their friends prayed over them. I posted about this on social media, but I’m listing it here too. Mostly because I think taking a breath matters. In whatever way that is meaningful to you, take a moment. Because you are doing something huge, and I loved this time of blessing from their community.

  6. The flower girl. The littlest flower girl who toddled along behind the others was struggling with the concept of being a flower girl. I get it, I like flowers too. So, instead of dispensing of the flowers, like flowers girls do, she was… recollecting them. She would bend down, get a few laughs, and then look around like, “what’s the problem guys”. It was amazing, and you can’t plan moments like that.

  7. There were donuts!! By now you might know how I feel about donuts. I think if you do not feel alllll the warm and fuzzy for donuts you just haven’t had the right one, and these were the right ones!!! Oh my word they were so good. Right before they “cut” the donut, I asked if someone was still going to shove it in someones face… because umm that’s fun. Elijah promptly said, “no, we agreed not to do that” to which Sierra responded with a wink and nod in only my view. Best. Bride. Ever. For so many reasons, but anyone that’s willing to shove food in their partner’s face is grand in my book.

  8. Two sisters and two best men made speechless and they were ALL amazing. Again, these guys and their community. The room was crying and laughing.

    Sierra’s sisters said incredible words about her, but when they started talking about meeting Elijah and how he loved Sierra I was in tears too.

  9. Elijah shared a dance with his grandma and this might be when I actually teared up the most. Something about it was incredibly endearing. I think I’m a sucker for sweet men. There are moments you can almost tangibly see the essence of a relationship. Sweet Elijah and his grandma just felt special.

  10. Finally it was time for the night to end and everyone lined up outside to celebrate. I think a good exit feels like the celebration of a beginning, not the end. This was that. It was hot and sticky and everyone was so, so happy. I just love how colorful these images are and how they represent this joy-filled couple starting life together!

Sierra and Elijah, I am so thankful you invited me into your day and gave me a seat at the table. I’m honored to know you and be a part of your lives. I can’t wait to see all that is to come for you!

Wedding Venue is Ball House & Cottages at Southwood, and the amazing donuts were provided by SoDough Baking Company.

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