Winterbourne Inn Wedding | Jacksonville, Florida | Abby & Thomas

This wedding was one that stuck out in my mind and I was truly looking forward to it!! When I met Abby and Thomas, they had already taken engagement pictures. Usually that would mean that I don’t get to really know them until the wedding. Luckily, these friends were not about that life.

We met up at Mini Bar in Jacksonville Beach to share coffee and eat the same donuts served at their wedding! I am so, so thankful they valued knowing me before I showed up to this huge moment! It really does make such a difference. Plus, donuts and coffee are my love language.

Abby and Thomas said from the beginning that they wanted to do things their own way. They really didn’t care about what they were supposed to do! They wanted a morning wedding eating bacon and drinking iced coffee! Umm, okay!!! I loved this idea so much.

I know getting ready in time for a morning wedding would be intimating for some, but these two are so chill. No one was rushing around or feeling stressed about time! This was the happiest group of family and friends!

Five of my favorite moments were:

  1. When Thomas in included his dad in the superhero sock wearing

  2. When Abby’s bridesmaids prayed over her before the ceremony

  3. When I realized my name was on the table settings with everyone else!

  4. When Thomas started line dancing and I was in the best shock ever

  5. When alllll the lavender when cray cray

I could keep going!! I got the sweetest email from Abby’s mom after thanking me and telling me I felt like family. Seriously, celebrating these friends was such a joy!

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